How CRM is helpful to Improve Customer Engagement?

How CRM can boost your restaurant revenue

When it comes to a restaurant business, it is tough to survive if you don’t aware of technologies. Most of the restaurants close down within a year or two years because they failed to beat the competition.

Improvement in customer engagement can be achieved by adopting a right technique and tools, One should go for a productive CRM Software for restaurant to retain both their lost & new customer by analyzing their customer’s behaviour and targeting them in a right way.

An integrated CRM software makes managing customers easier. It helps to collect data from the customer and managing the same in a manner so that you can use them for a targeted campaign.


Features of CRM software that encourage Customer Retention

Customer engagement is a challenging part for a restaurant. A strong research is necessary to improve footfall of customers. The struggle is endless because the industry is full of competition. A CRM solution Equipped with all features like a loyalty program, cashback, the personalized campaign can help a restaurant to scale their business and boost turnover.


1. Loyalty Programs

Once you satisfy your customers with great services and hospitality, the second & vital step is to reward them which can stimulate them to come back to your outlet. Most of the high-end industries like goibibo, make my trip etc. giving special cash-backs & discount to their customers, to greet them, to feel them special.

One thing is important to consider is that general programs don’t work for everyone, all you need to customize them according to your customer’s need and preferences. Bingage gives you such amazing features that will help you to plan loyalty programs on the basis of targeted customers.

2. Personalized Campaigns–

You can delight customers by sending good wishes on their special occasions. It will create a personal touch between you and your customer. Most of the people like to go out to celebrate their special days, in this case, if you send a special greeting with a special offer before 4 to 5 days, it will increase chances that your customer will remember your outlet at the time of planning the party.

Personalised marketing

3. Customer Retention Solution

CRM is beneficial to track customers, it will help you to identify customers who are not visited for a long time. Sending them personalized message would increase the chances of customer retention. Using customer retention strategies for restaurants will definitely increase customer engagements.

4. Effective marketing – Keep Your Customers Updated

Marketing & branding is a vital part. Convey to your customers about every social media campaign you’re planning to start. Make an event calendar and send this to your customers by SMS or mail so they will save the date for your event or any other future visits.

Involving customers in special events give a hike to business so whether you are introducing a new dish, celebrating your silver Jubilee, you should delight your customer by making them a part of your restaurant.

free CRM software for Restaurants

5. Feedback solution – Feel them that you care

Feedback from customers is necessary as well as an effective process, it gives you exact insights into your past activities, and you can plan improvement accordingly. It also makes the customer feel that you care for them. It is the best idea to share customer reviews for strong branding.

Online CRM software with cash-back loyalty programs and personalized campaigns will give a growth to your business.


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