5 Best Customer Retention Strategies for Your Restaurant

customer retention strategies for restaurant

In this ara of competition, it is tough to keep your business in forefront of your customer mind. It is challenging to balance between acquiring a new customer and retaining the old one. It plays a vital role in a restaurant’s smooth running. We all know that it’s far more than tough to retain lost customers than acquiring a new one.

Customer retention is not so difficult, it is easy if you are using the right approaches.

“Target the right audience in the right way”

It has been explored that an about 5% increase in repeat customers help in increasing revenue. See what happens is our loyal customers come and refer their friends also, and it is proved that word of mouth still the greatest technique of marketing. Read- what are the qualities a manager has to adapt to restaurant management, which is highly required for customer retention.


How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Restaurant –

Following are the best ideas one can adapt to retain customers. It sometimes needs smart-work to bring your old customers back to you as well as using trending customer retention strategies is helpful.

1. Create a personal touch for customers

Usually, customers tend to come back to a restaurant where they feel special.  All you have to do is to teach your staff to be hospitable, they welcome people in such a way that feel guest special while walking in and seating.

Direct your staff to pay attention to your loyal customers & special guest, they feel like home if you remember their names or the waiter knows their preferable dishes and ordering habit.

Familiar behaviour makes the customer feel more special and it increases customer retention and footfall.

2. Better customer services

It’s not a difficult task, it’s just giving and treating your customers exactly in such a way they want.  Delicious food with pocket-friendly prices, with a good ambience and hospitality, accomplished an outstanding dining experience. Ensure one thing that, in every visit, whether it is first, fifth or fifteenth, customer constantly absorb the same good experience or even better.

However, it’s true that an outstanding service is an indefinite term. Your every customer’s expectations vary from one to another but don’t forget to put your best efforts to make your guest feel good.

3. Lower the waiting time higher the chances of footfall

It’s a major thing, no matter how delicious food you are serving if the waiting time is higher your customer will definitely think twice before coming back.

Be sure you don’t make your customers wait for too long to be seated and served. It will irritate them and maybe next time they think twice to come back to your outlet.

4. Productive use of CRM –

CRM software plays an important role when it comes to customer retention and engagement. CRM software helps you to analyse buying behaviour, it helps you to create a database which includes contact details, invoice amount, date of visits, birthdays, anniversaries and many more.

You can use this database to target your right customer in the right way.  Sending birthdays and anniversaries messages and greet them will increase the chances of customer retention, maybe they plan their party at your outlet. CRM helps you to schedule SMS so that you can’t miss any special days.

POS integrated CRM helps a restaurant to know their customer’s preferences, their overall buying behaviour it can use run marketing campaigns, and it will also help to make helpful strategies.


5. Loyalty programs and wallet system –

Loyalty programs are a technique to greet special customers with some rewards just like cash-backs and discounts to make them feel special and keep coming back.

CRM software helps a restaurant to create an effective loyalty program by analysing customer report, they can give personalised discounts and offers based on their customers. It will speedily boost their revenue.



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