List of 5 Best CRM for Restaurants in 2021

List of 5 Best CRM for Restaurants in 2021

Here We are sharing a list of the top 5 customer relationship management software and end to end marketing solution for restaurants, which definitely gonna helps you with making the right decision.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the all-in-one centralized software that is used to monitor, track and manage customer records all on a single platform. The data can be analyzed and can be used to address customers’ concerns/ queries and to improvise their product/ service, ultimately to drive its own growth.

82% of Companies Agree That Customer Retention Is Cheaper Than Acquisition”

Thus, Restaurants should adopt this software to ease out restaurant-based work. All the features can be used to enhance functions in a restaurant such as online orders, feedback systems, personalized automated campaigns, and many more.  “Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.”


Here we are sharing a list of the Seven Best CRM for Restaurants In India in 2021 – 

1. Bingage-

Bingage is an AI-based 360-degree CRM Software for Restaurants Equipped with Cashback loyalty, E-wallet, Customer Segmentation, Feedback, Referral, Personalised SMS Campaigns & 7+ Automated Marketing Tools. Starting from Rs. 2400 per year only.  You can get started by signing up for FREE here. 



  1. Centralised CRM – You can manage multiple location customer’s data at one central CRM.
  2. Data-driven business reports.
  3. Cashback Loyalty Program.
  4. Customer Retention techniques & Gamification methods.
  5. Personalised SMS marketing.
  6. Referral Program.
  7. Social media management & Marketing.
  8. 7+ Marketing Automation tool to boost customer lifetime value.
  9. Coupons & Membership.



2. Xeno-

CRM for retailers, which helps to maximise your revenue from the customer base. It provides services such as Social media marketing and customized marketing campaigns to grow revenue.



  1. Successful loyalty programs
  2. Machine Learning (ML) suggested audiences
  3. ML-based recommendations
  4. 1:1 communication across Hotstar, Youtube etc.


3. Hashtag Loyalty

Its purpose is to cater to small, medium and enterprise businesses. It improves and builds customer loyalty and retention and helps in increasing revenue. Provides services like Reservation system, tracks and analyzes deep insights.



  1. Easy to use interface 
  2. Affordable result-driven solution
  3. Fulfils customers engagement needs
  4. Increases revenue by 25%



4. Urban Piper
They build things with aesthetics and functional value which helps them to get the task done effectively and efficiently. Its mission is to evolve online commerce for hyperlocal business and to prove solutions to customers.



  1. Integrated with major food aggregators
  2. Helps to upgrade the menu
  3. Provides reconciliation solutions
  4. Helps startups to grow faster



5. Como

Como is an AI-based customer engagement and loyalty solutions for the f&b and retail industry. Which provide loyalty solutions for better customer retention and personalised experience. It is a US-based CRM company that has offices in the USA, UK, UAE, Israel.


  1. AI-algorithm & data management
  2. Customer analytics & reporting.
  3. Personalised campaigning.
  4. Online ordering.
  5. Branded mobile app.
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Omnichannel communication.



A Restaurant CRM Software helps to manage your guest data and to track their activities and also to make personalized marketing campaigns. CRM Software helps you to collect data, track guest visits, send targeted email/ SMS and analyze and report. 


list of top crm software in 2021


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