5 Ideas to Execute Restaurant Social Media Marketing Campaigns

ways to implement restaurant social media marketing campaign

How many hours a year do you think people spend browsing food images on any given social network? The market segment of 18 to 35-year-olds spends nearly 130 hours each year just looking at food on Instagram. That’s a lot of bacon and pizzas. What’s more, nearly a third of that segment will avoid a restaurant if they can’t easily find it on any social media platform.

Surviving in the restaurant business is already difficult enough, but now you also need a strong online presence to have any sort of edge over the competition. The good news is that we know a couple of ways for you to implement the best restaurant social media marketing campaign to create an online presence and get a leg up over less social media savvy competitors.  

ideas to create  outstanding social media campaign for restaurants

Below, we’ll be giving you actionable restaurant social media marketing tips to expand your reach and draw in new clients. 

Source: https://upserve.com/

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