7 Last-Minute Black Friday Restaurant Promotion Ideas for 2019

7 Last-Minute Black Friday Restaurant promotion Ideas for 2019

Eat, shop, eat and repeat, this is what restaurants expect from Americans in this black Friday holiday season.
Black Friday is actually a term that used to define the day after thanksgiving. It is one of the trendiest shopping days because of the holiday season. It’s not for retailers and online stores that to be prepared for the Black Friday 2019 but it is for the restaurants also. After shopping, shoppers get hungry and seek the best nearby places to eat, so need to be prepared with eye-catching promotion ideas to get high traffic.
When I speak about the restaurant industry, it is a suitable time to get the attention of shoppers towards the restaurant.
If so then you must come with some extraordinary black Friday restaurant promotions ideas to catch the attention of customers.

Have look at the Black Friday Sales Statistics 2019

A report given by the National Retail Federation, U.S. holiday sales are expected to rise between 3.8% and 4.2% in 2019, than last year.
They reported estimated sales between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion, which is higher than the $707.5 billion, or 2.9% growth, as compared to last year.

So as per the black Friday sales forecast, Restaurateurs should go beyond the usual straight discounts. So here I am sharing some of the best unique black Friday promotion ideas for restaurants to catch the attention and rock this holiday season.

1. Design Black Friday Special Hoarding

There is no need to have Complete menu card, instead of that just an attractive menu board/hoarding with black Friday deals. Board attach the visitor the most, design a creative menu board that can fascinate shoppers & give them after-shopping relaxation. If you don’t want to create just modify and addon saying ‘black Friday special deals’ or ‘Black Friday Special’ 
This promotion method is really worked for the restaurant inside the mall. It easily catches the audience.

2. Black Friday Special Offers

As Black Friday sale and offers are running all over the world, even people are searching for best black Friday sale 2019 in India. The craze is on high. Then a being a restaurant owner this the right time to capture the target audience by offering special offers, combo offers, cash vouchers and many more. Becoming a successful restaurant owner depends on how well you clutch the target audience.

3. Tie-Up with Near-by Retailers

Another way to attract Black Friday shoppers is by coupling up with the nearby local retailer. Go and have a talk with your local retailers and partner with them for mutual benefits. A deal that can benefit both the business.

For example – by showing Patterns Retailers shopping receipt a Customers can get 10% or 20% discount on the meal or get a special drink with a meal.

4. Leverage your restaurant’s loyalty program as Resource

Restaurant loyalty programs are the best way to win the customer’s loyalty, and holiday and shopping season like Black Friday is the best to leverage it. Offer cash back to the customer’s on the transaction at your restaurant.
For Example – If Xyz customer comes and billed more than 6 US Dollar, he or she will get 15% cashback.

5. Run Refer & Earn campaign

So, This can be interesting (if implemented smartly), put a Board at your restaurant saying ‘Come up with a new friend (the new customer should be new) and when he billed 4$, You’ll get a free coffee or sandwich worth 2$. Or You can also give a Cashback coupon voucher.

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6. Run SMS Marketing Campaigns

Am I sound a bit weird to you? Well, read out blog topic again…SMS marketing is one of the best restaurant marketing strategies that provide 48% more conversion when you customised it according to customer buying behaviour. Yes, I am talking about Personalised SMS marketing.
But this needs the contact information of users so you can only target people those numbers you already have. (but the twist here is…People can share your SMS as well, if they feel like getting something to go for..) Sending your message at the right time can be the difference between a successful Black Friday sale and one that never actually worked.

The best time to send Black Friday SMS
The morning is the best time to send your SMS campaigns with 82% of messages being sent between 7:00 am –12:00 pm.

7. Go Beyond Black Friday Marketing

Don’t ever end up with Black Friday only, go beyond that. Extend your marketing promotions by implementing Cyber Monday approaches. Plan to turn your first-time customers into regular customers by offering them loyalty. Today’s customers want engagement & rewards if you don’t care they easily turned towards the competitiors.
Remember – ‘It takes months to get a customer but not even minutes to lose one’

Take Away – Don’t forget to advertise about Cyber Monday on Black Friday but do not disclose, only create a noise among your customer so that they get excited that something big is about to arrive.


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